A navgathi design and built 25m catamaran ferry will be the fastest inland ferryplying on the Kerala waters.

Recorded 13.9Knots (25.8 kmph) in its official trial run, The ferry can transport 120 passengers to and fro in the national water route between Vaikom and Ernakulam jetties in less than 2 hours with these high speeds.


Owned and operated by Kerala State Water Transport Department (KSWTD), Vega 120 will be the next big thing in their fleet of passenger ferries.

Composition of features like fast, performance, comfort and safety makes Vega 120 to stand out among other ferries operated by the state water transport department.


Length: 25.00m
Breadth: 7.00m

Depth: 1.60m
Draft: 0.80m

Material: Marine Grade GRP
Service speed: 12 Knots
Max speed: 13.9Knots (25.8 kmph)

Passenger: 120 Nos + 4 crew
Passenger accommodation: A/C & Non A/C Cabins
Classification Society: Indian Register of Shipping


“Safety is more than priority” Vega 120 comprises of Navgathi’s Build in safety features as the standard safety platform together with the state of the art safety measures/standards from the IRS and KIV as the mandate.

Fixed fire system (Approved as per Fire alliance rule 1969 as applicable to the ship on coastal voyage) Fire system designed for big vessel/ships is installed in Vega to ensure triple level safety for the passengers, a first in an Inland vessel due to its high passenger capacity.


Powered with two 170HP high performance diesel engines together with the modern catamaran hull form makes Vega pierce through the waters with 13.9Knots(25.8 kmph) of speed.


The Vega 120 is designed to deliver maximum performance without compromising safety and comfort of its passengers. Advanced electric steering developed by Navgathi R&D is fitted in Vega which increases both maneuverability and controlling at these high speeds in full load.


Despite the speed and performance Vega 120 delivers a comfortable ride to its passengers. Air Conditioned and Non Air Conditioned cabins are availed in Vega for its passengers to experience a joyful ride of their lifetime.


Advanced catamaran hull form in Vega reduces the drag significantly and hence ferry is powered by smaller and efficient diesel engines without compromising the required speed of 13.9Knots(25.8 kmph) compared to other similar size ferries needs bigger engines to attain these speeds- result less fuel consumption and less vibrations in Vega.


Vega 120 is designed to attain maximum displacement in full load. It can carry passengers equivalent to three regular transport buses and in particular it serves as a viable and fast replacement to the existing land routes.

Two long hours, not to mention the heavy traffic during the rush hours, it is the duration takes to cover the land route between Vaikom and Ernakulam.

Vega 120 with its high speed propulsion and consistent performance can cover the same distance in less than 100 minutes which definitely serves the commuters with the purpose of reaching their destination before the rush hour begins.

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