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Hopper Barge designed for Inland waterways and Coastal Transport

Hopper barge is a vessel with a large open hold, used to load and transport dredged material. The barge is loaded by a Cutter Suction Dredger or by a Backhoe Dredger. The barge is self-propelled, and sails to the deposit area, where it unloads the soil. Our Hopper Barge designed to carry all kind of dredged materials, The hopper […]

Finite Elemental Analysis (C008)

[box]SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED[/box] The workshop of Design using FEA, eight in the training series, in Kochi was successfully completed with participants from industry and academia. Some of the representatives include scientists from NPOL and research scholar from College of Engineering Trivandrum. [box]ABSTRACT[/box] What will Eiffel Tower look like if we used finite element method to redesign […]