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Operational cost of vessels is hiking? Try Catamarans!!!

If you are interested in reducing the operational cost of your fleet, then you start adding catamaran vessels to your fleet. An optimized catamaran hull form minimize the drag and the power requirement is subsequently reduced to 1/3rd of similar sized ferry. Let us learn in detail how a good catamaran hull will advantage you […]

Navgathi Research wing developed advanced Electric power steering

Electric power steering systems have just about completely replaced conventional hydraulic ones on road and this change is inevitable for the watercrafts in short time. Now the marine industry is facing a shift from the conventional boats to electric boats. Hydraulic steering systems are very common in boats but every boat operators face the problem […]

WP01-Why Do We Need Solar Boats?

Solar boats are better boats than conventional boats because they: do not pollute water do not release harmful emissions in air are very silent and comfortable for passengers have lower cost of ownership (high initial cost but low operating cost) A solar boat design process is completely different from that of a conventional boat so […]

Solar Boats

[box] Solar Boats[/box] A solar powered boat is a synthesis of naval architecture and solar power engineering. A high degree of hull optimization balanced by strength, stability and sea (water) worthiness is necessary to successfully engineer a boat that can run in minimum power at normal speeds. In combination the solar power system has to […]