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Hopper Barge designed for Inland waterways and Coastal Transport

Hopper barge is a vessel with a large open hold, used to load and transport dredged material. The barge is loaded by a Cutter Suction Dredger or by a Backhoe Dredger. The barge is self-propelled, and sails to the deposit area, where it unloads the soil. Our Hopper Barge designed to carry all kind of dredged materials, The hopper […]

Navgathi’s 120 passenger A/C cruiser boat touches the water

Kochi, 12th April 2018: Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions, a company based out of Kochi which is into design and construction of specialized watercraft has launched the 120 pax Air conditioned Tourist Ferry Boat for Kerala State Water Transport Department. The boat is intended to operate between Vaikom and Ernakulam. Equipped with 2 numbers of […]

Navgathi nominated as Govt. approved KIV consultant

We are happy to announce that Navgathi Marine is now an approved consultant under the provisions of KIV Rules 2010. As an approved consultant Navgathi shall provide following services at charges specified in Govt. rules. CERTIFICATE OF DRAWINGS FOR NEW VESSELS The following drawings/calculations are required as per KIV Rules 2010 for new construction or […]

WP01-Why Do We Need Solar Boats?

Solar boats are better boats than conventional boats because they: do not pollute water do not release harmful emissions in air are very silent and comfortable for passengers have lower cost of ownership (high initial cost but low operating cost) A solar boat design process is completely different from that of a conventional boat so […]