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SUN CRUIZE – Next generation affordable leisure solar electric boats designed for hospitality sector

Introducing Sun Cruize solar leisure boats which are both affordable and advanced by all means. A new series of solar boats specifically designed for the hospitality industry. A true remarkable watercraft to encourage a greener water transportation in this sector. The catamaran 7 metre length craft with passenger capacity of 12 is powered by 15 […]

Without Batteries

[box] Introduction[/box] Solar energy possible with other renewable energy can be used to power the requirements of home as well as office. This use of free power can not only improve the green credentials but also make economic sense as the cost of power is constantly increasing. There are different kinds of systems possible – […]

Solar Ferries

[box]Introduction[/box] Having realized the potential of solar boats for cruise purpose, it was only natural to extend the same to ferries and other vessels that needs much higher endurance and performance. To buttress our capability we have tied up with a leading solar ferry builder from Europe and have launched the various models outlined below. […]

SunCRZ 22

[box]10 Passenger Solar Boat[/box] SunCRZ 22 is the first boat that we have launched in our series of solar boats of capacities ranging from 4 to 20 passengers (4, 6, 10, 20). The larger ones come in the solar ferries segment. Solar boats are pollution free (noise, air, water) and in the current context makes […]