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Hopper Barge designed for Inland waterways and Coastal Transport

Hopper barge is a vessel with a large open hold, used to load and transport dredged material. The barge is loaded by a Cutter Suction Dredger or by a Backhoe Dredger. The barge is self-propelled, and sails to the deposit area, where it unloads the soil. Our Hopper Barge designed to carry all kind of dredged materials, The hopper […]

Navgathi using Foran V70

Navgathi has joined a list of leading ship designers and shipyards using the much acclaimed ship design software package from SENER – Foran V70. Henceforth basic design (hull form design and naval architecture calculations) would be performed in this software. About SENER* SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in Bilbao in 1956 […]