Riveiere Series 75pax - Passenger commercial ferry

Introducing the next generation commercial passenger ferry from Navgathi. Elegant passenger cabin to make the commuters feel more comfortable and relaxed.

With state-of-the-art vessel design and NavAlt designed efficient catamaran hull, Riveiere is the best fuel-efficient and stable watercraft on Kerala waterways. The vessel is equipped with solar panels and CIPS Lithium-ion energy storage for auxiliary electrical load support and advanced marine electric steering ECN3600.

Riveiere is IRS class approved for its safety and standards. The vessel is built with the most efficient low maintenance, composite structure catamaran hull with low resistance focusing to reduce the daily ferry operating expenses. It can attain a max cruise speed of 8 knots with greater stability.


A typical 75 pax steel or wooden boat needs 80 hp engine power and consumes 15 litres of fuel per hour, whereas a GRP boat needs 40 hp engine power and consumes 8 litres per hour. Our Riveiere 75 need just 20 hp engine power and consumes only 4 litres of fuel while operating at 6 knots speed.

So in a day, while a 75 pax wooden or steel boat consume 108 litres of fuel, the GRP boat needs 58 litres of fuel, the Riveiere 75 need only 29 litres of diesel. In a year (350 days operation), the fuel consumption will be 37800 litres, 20300 litres, and 10,150 litres of diesel, respectively, for wooden/steel boats, GRP boats, and Riveiere 75.

With the current diesel price of INR 95 per litre, the yearly operating expense of a wooden /steel boat is INR 39.5 lakhs, and for a GRP boat, it is INR 21.2 lakhs. In the case of Riveiere 75, the yearly energy cost* will be INR 10.6 lakhs. (OPEX includes energy cost and maintenance cost @ 10% for lubes, filters, and overhaul).

Riveiere Fuel

Riveiere 75 Saves 27,000 litres of diesel and ₹ 29 lakh per year compared to a steel or wooden boat.


  • Length: 19 M
  • Beam: 6.5 M
  • Depth: 1.6 M
  • Speed: 8 knots
  • Hull material: Fiberglass
  • Solar panel: 3 kWp
  • Passenger capacity: 75


  • IRS Class, Passenger’s vessel
  • Kerala Maritime Board
  • Operation area: Rivers & Lakes


  • Main Engine: 2 x 50 HP
  • Gear: Marine hydraulic gearbox, 1.96:1
  • Propeller: 3 Blades, Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Electrical & Electronics

  • 24 VDC Main Voltage
  • GPS
  • Echosounder
  • Magnetic compass


Reduced OPEX

Riveiere 75 Saves 27,000 litres of diesel and ₹ 29 lakh per year compared to a steel or wooden boat.                      

Efficient Hull

High-level passenger comfort and better fuel efficiency are offered by sturdy, low maintenance, composite structure catamaran hull.

Spacious Accommodation

Improved comfortable travel for passengers offering a pleasure ride.

Electric Steering

It promises a simple installation, operation, and maintenance and truly increases comfort, control, and maneuverability.  It also eliminates the need for hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and fluid. Handling hydraulic fluids is usually messy and it is difficult to totally get rid of leaks in a hydraulic system

Solar Assisted CIPS – Lithium Energy Storage

Maximize the fuel efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint by running the entire electrical loads using the solar energy storage in CIPS energy storage unit