Besides the passenger ferry boats, Navgathi is now developing high-performance pleasure boats taking the advantage of leading-edge technology and experience in creating innovation. Our water taxi “Nirva” is a combination of high efficiency, top-level performance, and passenger comfort.

The elegant and unique passenger centered design makes Nirva different and highly noticeable. Passenger cabin gives a full open view for the passengers, in a controlled and enclosed spacious cabin with comfortable seating. The vessel is carefully designed for easy handling, reduced crew workload, and most importantly maximizing fuel efficiency.


efficient design of a water taxi

Safety features of water taxi


Navgathi’s Build in safety features as the standard safety platform together with the state of the art safety measures/standards from the IRS and KIV is applied in this vessel. The vessel is designed to maximize the comfort for passengers and crew delivering maximum performance without compromising safety.

Performance of water taxi


Powered with a 175 HP high-performance diesel OBM together with the modern catamaran hull form, Nirva water taxi can easily attain a speed of 15 knots. Advanced catamaran hull reduces the drag significantly and helps the vessel to attain these high speeds with less fuel consumption and low vibrations

Innovation in water taxi


ECN 3600, advanced electric steering developed by Navgathi  R&D team increases both maneuverability and control at high speeds in full load conditions. All auxiliary load will be powered by CIPS (Compact Intelligent Energy storage unit) and flexible solar panels atop the boat. These features added aiming to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX.

Introducing Hybrid propulsion integrated Nirva series for better agility. The Nirva Hybrid is equipped with both a petrol and electric motor, so it can run silently up to 6 knots, or up to 12 knots on petrol power.

Conventional dual petrol OBM’s powers the boat attaining higher speed up to 12 knots  with affordable price

The vessel is a combination of efficient low weight catamaran hull with lighter composite materials for construction. Nirva is designed with watertight bulkheads and buoyancy compartments that make her very safe and unsinkable. Nirva can be customized for owners’ color preferences, comfort options, and detailed personalization. Technical characteristics combined with aesthetically appealing passenger accommodation cabin make her a perfect blend of comfort, class, and safety. It is the beginning of a new era for high-performance pleasure boats



You can always add the element of customization. There are quite a few things that can be added to bring a personal touch to your Nirva. The boat can be customized for owners’ color preferences, comfort options. Whether you want higher speed or increased endurance, you can get them all custom made. Nirva series can be designed for all seasoned operations in cities like Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, and Assam.


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