Maintenance is connected to the different systems, Products & Materials. This includes retaining or restoring the equipment or product which can perform its required/designed function ability.

Maintenance is a common word for us, But many of them are not aware of the actual needs & requirements of this term, Especially in Boats, On-time Maintenance having a major role for ensuring the successful voyage of boats, Unfortunately, most of the owners are compromising the maintenance activities because of tight schedule & increased short time cost. The fact is, on-time maintenance or service will increase efficiency and the life span of specific equipment or system, the end result cost reduction & safety


The concept refers to the set of activities, tests, procedures, and inspections that are used to predict or prevent the breakdown failure of systems including equipment, machines, or material in the future. The entire process is to resolve the root causes of the failure, and dealing with those issues before a failure occurs.

Benefits of Proactive maintenance

  • Reduced Break down:

Break down usually occurs when equipment or system failed to meet the designed activities, By proactive maintenance, we can find the root cause of the problem before it fails, So the downtime can be avoided with the implementation of proactive maintenance.

  • Minimum Repair Cost

Spares or parts cost would be less compared to entire equipment because of the early stage findings and troubleshooting of the failures in systems. Especially technical team manpower can be limit to a minimum because of the fixed workflow throughout the month.

  • Increased Life Span of the Machinery / Equipment

Purchasing of Marine Equipment required a large amount of investment, So equipment life span having a major role in cost control.  A proactive approach to maintenance also keeps marine systems & equipment capable to run continuously at maximum efficiency and opposing to reduced efficiency for a maximum period of the span.

  • Reduced Overall Cost:

Some of the firms are hesitating to implement proactive maintenance method because of the increased cost for short time, But while considering log term cost graph, the total cost will be less compared to the reactive maintenance, especially labor cost in proactive concept is almost in a horizontal line, means the requirement of emergency repair reduced and manpower can use effectively as scheduled.

Need of Maintenance in Boats

Boat maintenance is different from plant or factory maintenance and more or less the same as automobile maintenance. Safety highly important in Boats, So daily inspection or checking is mandatory in some systems. And scheduled or regular interval maintenance required in few systems.

Check List

Each & every boat has to be maintained a specific checklist onboard for ensuring the ease of operation of the boat during the voyage, which includes most of the daily inspection list. Inspection based on the checklist having much importance and has to be done before powering up the boat.

Checklist includes:

· Boat hull:

· Engines & Propulsion system:

· Electrical system & controls:

· HVAC & Blowers

· Piping

· Structures of Boat

· Entertainment system

· Safety Equipment

· Doors, windows, upholstery, etc.

The checklist helps the maintenance team a lot to find out the issues in the early-stage, And respective on-time rectification work will prevent a major break down. So the daily checklist having a major role in boat maintenance.


In addition to the design and production of boats, we have specialized in maintenance service also, We stand for ensuring the successful operation of boats by providing on-time maintenance round the clock. We offer a Standard Annual maintenance contract and a customized annual maintenance contract for the complete Boat or yacht along with the spares And assuring service in minimum time with better quality.

Concept of AMC:

Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement with the service provider and company which is for the maintenance of the property owned by the company. offers you on-time maintenance on all equipment such as Propulsion system, Power supply, controls, safety, etc.

In today’s competitive era, efficiency is a prime factor, Efficient output of any boat is depending on the performance of machinery or equipment erected onboard. To obtain constant and high performance of equipment, on-time maintenance is a key factor.

Annual Maintenance Contract Structure:

Key Benefits:

  • Saves from unexpected maintenance cost
  • Increased life span and reduced breakdown, wear, and tear damage.
  • Technically sounded technician capable for the maintenance activities in a better way since he is concentrated only in maintenance jobs.
  • Effective advantages of planning maintenance at regular intervals.
  • Regular checking of the safety system, equipment
  • Ensuring tension-free mind for operation team/company.

Boats Under Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Aditya 75 Pax – India’s First solar ferry
  • Rescue & Dive Boats – 5 sister vessels
  • Vega 120 Pax – High-Speed Boat