Join us in the fight against COVID-19 We are creating 3D printed Face 

Shields for emergency personnel and you too can help in the process. 

If you have a 3D printer and want to help out get the files below.

We all know the tremendous effort made by many people in this fight against ChinaVirus (leading to COVID-19). While most of office moved to work from home to strengthen our capability when we are back in production, a small team decided to make use of what we have in our R&D department.

As a first step, the four of us-Sibi Mathai, MD of Vista (Volvo Truck, Bus Dealer), Hans Habeeb, COO Suracsh Filters, Pratheek, design & styling head at Navgathi Marine and me joined hands to offer something that doctors and frontline people would need. 

Face shields are quite popular in US and Europe, however yet to be widely used in India despite obvious benefits. There are lot of projects available in the internet. After downloading those files and printing them, we made modifications in the design to make it more useful. 


Print and supply locally

Many of you will have access to or know the place where 3D printer is available. So, download these files and get going.


 Currently, Ver 6 is uploaded. Modified the frame ends to avoid entanglement of hair for ladies. 

Please download the 

  1. Ver 6 zip file OR
  2. Ver 5 zip file OR
  3. Ver 4 zip file OR
  4. Ver 3 zip file 

2. Use slicer software. it is open source and has yielded best results

3.Materials – 3D printer, PLA roll, OHP sheets, single punch.

4.Print using PLA. We used 1.75 mm.

5.Setting we used in the printers (see image below).

6.Use OHP sheets or similar transparent sheets, A4 size or bigger to make it longer. 200 mm thickness is ideal, however even 125 mm meets the purpose in many application.

7.The template to make holes is also provided. Use it to puch hole using single punch.

8.Distribute to the needy.


Reach out to Sandith (98953 43637), Sibi (85899 33333), Hans (97464 76777) or Pratheek (94475 09651)