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Western Group on newbuilding project

[testimonial company=”Western Group SA” author=”Oleg Karabut” image=”Oleg.png”] …It was because of Navgathi’s hard work and dedication that the event was such a  big success. …. It’s really commendable to see the job so perfectly done by Navgathi and her team…We are very satisfied with job done by the team and would highly recommend them for […]

Malcom Moss on our solar boat

[testimonial company=”President, Electric Boat Association (U.K)” author=”Malcom Moss” image=””] This boat is competent in performance, efficiency, style, and finish. [/testimonial] SunRider – India’s first complete solar boat designed & built by Navgathi & TeamSustain. SunRider is now replaced with Sun CRZ 22 – The new generation solar boat designed and built by Navgathi.