Navgathi to be in Yacht & Boat Korea 2010

Navgathi will showcase its products and services in the Yacht & Boat Korea 2010 show at Goseong, S.Korea. Over 150 firms and organizations will present themselves in the exhibition stall and marina in this edition. We intend to showcase our solar boat, Sunrider, jointly developed with TeamSustain.

New Project at Hyundai Mipo

Strengthened with the VLOO project in HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries, S.Korea), Navgathi has started the shipbuilding project management of a 37K Bulk Carrier series for a leading ship owner in HMD (Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, S.Korea). The project is for four vessels for a period of one year. In the next one month, our full project […]

Compact Dredgers for KSINC

We are proud to announce the award of the contract for the design of two compact cutter suction dredgers for APM Marine. This is the same model that was successfully designed for APM Marine for their dredging use. KSINC has awarded this contract to our client, APM Marine, and our successful design would be used […]

New Project at Hyundai Heavy Industries

Our first step in to new shipbuilding project management has borne fruit in the form of providing support for the construction of VLOO (Very Large Ore Oil carrier) in Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), S.Korea – the world’s largest shipyard. This is a nine vessel project lasting two years by a leading ship owner.