Fundamentals of Hydraulics (C005)

[box]SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED[/box] The workshop of Fundamentals of Hydraulics, a first attempt to separate the basics in fluid power, and fifth in the training series, in Kochi was successfully completed with participants from industry. [box]INTRODUCTION[/box] Fundamentals of Hydraulics An understanding of Hydraulics from an Industrial perspective Current problem – Lack of industrial level training to upgrade […]

Fundamentals of Fluid Power

The third in the training series launched two months ago concluded last friday with the fourth day of the workshop titled, “Fundamentals of Fluid Power“. The expert tutor for the program was Uday Kumar, CEO of MacNHom Systems. The four day workshop, from 11th to 14th October, covered the basics of Hydraulics and Pneumatics with […]

Steel cutting of first vessel

The steel cutting of the first vessel i the series of six 37,000 DWT bulk carriers at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, S.Korea was done today. ¬†Getting ready for the ceremony Mr. Oleg Karabut, doing the honors of cutting the first steel Representatives from Shipyard (Project Manager, CAD), Class, Client (Mr. Oleg Karabut) and Navgathi Site Team […]