Office UPS Powered by Solar Energy

[box]Executive Summary[/box] Navgathi on a strong foundation of solar installation on boats turned towards land based installation. The first test case was the computer UPS system in Navgathi office. A suitable grid-tie inverter was selected; however to utilize the solar energy during grid outage a relay system with charge controller that works under this scenario […]

Dredger for Sale

[box] Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale[/box] Length – 17.5 m Breadth – 3.5 m Height – 3 m Output – 80 cu.m/hr (solid) Contact +91-9497185580 (George Mathew) Indicative Price – 1.55 Cr Contact +91-9497185580 (George Mathew)

VEGA Rigid Solar Panels

[box]Why VEGA Panels[/box] Navgathi has been in the solar industry since 2008. We have tried many different kinds of panels and from different make. We have come to a conclusion that solar panels from VEGA are the best value for money in terms of performance and economics. [box]Introduction[/box] VEGA solar panels are made by VEGA […]

Backhoe Dredger (KSINC)

The 240 litres bucket capacity back hoe dredger was build for KSINC shipyard to maintain the depth in front of the slipway. This compact dredger is designed to operate in shallow and narrow waters. All the controls are centrally located for ease of use. The entire system is run on a centrally located hydraulic system with a pump driven by the engine.