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Boat Maintenance – A new approach for a new age!

Decades ago, boat maintenance was mere a conventional approach of “Just keep the machine running”. Now as the advancement in all marine sectors improves, a new approach for the new age maintenance is clearly visible along with the industry. Navgathi, always follows the latest trend of innovation is no lack in adopting the new age maintenance strategies. Experienced […]

Riveiere Series – High performance High economical ferry boats

Riveiere is the next-generation commercial passenger ferry from Navgathi boatyards. With state-of-the-art vessel design and NavAlt designed efficient catamaran hull, Riveiere is the best fuel-efficient and stable watercraft on Kerala waterways. The vessel is equipped with solar panels and CIPS Lithium-ion energy storage for auxiliary electrical load support and advanced marine electric steering ECN3600. Riveiere […]
Navgathi covid relief food kit to neediest

Navgathi group commits covid relief measures to the neediest

During this second wave of Covid 19 pandemic and one-month lockdown, many faces acute food insecurity despite the local government interventions, NGO supports, and private and personal contributions. As a responsible social enterprise, we are committed to playing our part in supporting society in this crisis resulting from the global pandemic. Our initial focus is to provide […]
Boat construction at yards

How small changes in Boat Building create big waves

The paradigm shift from wood and steel to fibreglass boats created a revolution in the modern boatbuilding industry. Since then, there were many significant transitions in conventional fibreglass construction methods regarding materials and techniques, which improved the boat quality. As responsible boat builders, we know the importance of energy efficiency. Therefore, we are investigating ways […]