Boat Maintenance – A new approach for a new age!

Decades ago, boat maintenance was mere a conventional approach of “Just keep the machine running”. Now as the advancement in all marine sectors improves, a new approach for the new age maintenance is clearly visible along with the industry. Navgathi, always follows the latest trend of innovation is no lack in adopting the new age maintenance strategies. Experienced workmanship is the key point in maintenance. Navgathi knows it better. Tailoring the needs of the new technology and machinery, all the maintenance personals are frequently acknowledged with the latest technical training.

Maintenance is not just cleaning the exterior of the boat. Obviously, a clean hull will offer a smooth ride thereby reducing fuel consumption. Make sure that the motors or engines are serviced on regular intervals. In the case of a solar boat check the battery State of Charge, charging, discharging, etc. Take a look at the terminals and connections and clean them on a regular basis. You should ensure that all the pumps are up to the task. Check if all the electricals and navigational equipment are working well every time.

Proper maintenance if done consistently and correctly will ensure a long life for your boats providing economic benefits

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Boat Maintenance – A new approach for a new age!

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