Navgathi covid relief food kit to neediest

Navgathi group commits covid relief measures to the neediest

During this second wave of Covid 19 pandemic and one-month lockdown, many faces acute food insecurity despite the local government interventions, NGO supports, and private and personal contributions.

As a responsible social enterprise, we are committed to playing our part in supporting society in this crisis resulting from the global pandemic. Our initial focus is to provide nutritious food to the neediest. For example, we supplied food provision kits to 100 families and our daily wage workers living around Navgathi yard premises in the Panavally village, Alappuzha.

Population in rural villages are highly dependent on the daily work wages for their livelihoods. Many have lost their income during these challenging times and require food and health care. Navgathi will try its best to ensure food and health care support to some of the most vulnerable families. We have partnered with social enterprises like Shell Foundation, supporting us in providing essential services to the needy in our fight against Covid 19. NavAlt is already associated with Shell Foundation in building solar fishing boats

Navgathi group will continue our efforts to prepare society to tackle the spread of covid 19 and its aftereffects.

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