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How public boats do better business than private 

Upholding the principles of responsible tourism, the Kerala government is launching Malanad – Malabar River Cruise Project. The project will provide different thematic boating experiences to attract tourists to less explored northern Kerala water bodies.

State Water Transport Department recently launched a Water taxi boat at Parassinikadavu, a rejuvenating experience for the passengers visiting the Malabar river cruise project. Every day hundreds of tourists were crossing Valapattanam river on rusty, rickety boats. Most of these private boats without proper safety certificates were putting the lives of passengers at risk. Many such incidents claimed the life of tourists. When tourists see these old boats, they will associate them with the poor tourism infrastructure, which will hurt our tourism revenue.

As a part of the state government policy to replace old boats, Kerala State Water Transport Department has added many modern catamaran boats to their fleet. Most of these boats are now deployed in various backwaters and rivers across Kerala to promote regular tourism cruises and water sports activities. These boats with pleasing and comfortable interiors are now becoming tourist favourites.

Kerala Government ordered four water taxi boats as a part of this initiative. One among them is deployed in Parassinikadavu, attracting more revenue than the private boats in the locality. Nirva series of water taxis with catamaran hull approved by the Indian register of shipping (IRS) offers enhanced safety. The elegant and unique passenger-centered design makes Nirva different and highly noticeable. Passenger cabin gives them a full open view in a controlled and spacious enclosed area with comfortable seating.

The combination of luxury and elegance at a cheaper rate is attracting the passengers to this new initiative. The tourism sector is slowly gearing up after the Covid lockdown. When the tourism sector is back to normal with foreign tourists’ flow, more and more modern boats will be ready to welcome them.

Now, government agencies like SWTD are undergoing a significant facelift with most modern boats, including solar-powered ones. It is high time that the private boat owners in the tourism sector should also imbibe this transition to bring in more tourists and flourish their business.

For more details regarding the Nirva water taxi series, visit http://navgathi.com/index.php/nirva-series/ or reach out +9895343021

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