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Nirva water taxi to operate in Parassinikadavu


Malabar’s most awaited water tourism project “Nirva high-speed water taxi” progresses well at Navgathi yard in Kochi. The vessel will commence its maiden voyage at Parassinikadavu in Kannur during the first week of January 2021. KSWTD’s this new initiative of introducing a water taxi service in Kannur will help rebuild the tourism sector of Northern Kerala.

KSWTD launched the first water taxi service in the backwaters of Alappuzha last October. Now the second water taxi in the series of 4 boats is coming out. It is a 10-passenger diesel-powered catamaran that operates at 15 knots speed.

Almost every business around the world was affected by COVID 19 crisis this year. The lock-downs and restrictions in the movement of people and goods disrupted the global supply chain. Workforce morale was affected. Even though conditions eased later, the business climate is constantly changing and is highly volatile. There was a total stoppage of the construction process many times.

Despite all these unfortunate situations, we managed to work on our projects and completed the next boat. We completed the first water taxi immediately after the tourism sector was opened. We managed to make our contribution to the revival of tourism and the public water transport sector. Now with the launch of the second water taxi in Kannur, the tourism sector will rise again.

Our journey towards this successful milestone during the COVID times was difficult and challenging. When every industry was facing disrupted supply chains and operational restrictions, we decided to implement a strategy.

  1. Prioritize Projects: We prioritized projects and aligned them based on their importance and impact assessment of Covid on various projects.
  2. Redefining project management: We changed our focus to use limited resources efficiently.
  3. Enhancing health & safety norms: We set up a system for implementing physical distancing measures at the workplace.

The vessel was built at Navgathi boatyard in Panavally. The Swedish make OXE diesel outboard engine enables the boat in achieving a speed of 30 kmph making it the fastest public transport boat in Kerala. The 8.5-meter-long craft will carry ten passengers in a comfortable and luxurious cabin. India’s first indigenous marine electric steering developed in line with PM’s Atmanirbhar Bharat helps operators enhance maneuvering and control. Now tourists or local commuters can avail the service of water taxis at an affordable rate by booking the service. KSWTD will provide a dedicated number for a passenger to book the service.

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