Electric power steering systems

Navgathi boats raises the bar for control and maneuverability using electric power steering

“The boat has a power steering and I am happy to have selected for the service” These are the words of Mr. Benny who is a crew member of India’s first water taxi. Tejus the first boat from the Nirva water taxi series and also India’s first water taxi was launched during the first week of November. After a month of operations, the vessel is receiving overwhelming response from crew members and the general public.

The vessel is equipped with an electric power steering unit ECN 3600. Navgathi in-house developed steering unit is approved by the IRS (Indian Register of Shipping) and suits all types of operations whether it is a holiday cruise or sport fishing. It promises a simple installation, operation, and maintenance and truly increases comfort, control, and maneuverability.

It can be operated with a joystick or steering wheel. Joystick controls enable swifter and more manageable steering of the boat. There are many different types of joystick controls available, depending on your specific requirements. The electric system eliminates the need for hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and fluid. Handling hydraulic fluids is usually messy and it is difficult to totally get rid of leaks in a hydraulic system. These fluids may sometimes catch fire and cause serious injuries or health issues. Moreover, the long and bulky piping for the steering system installation makes it difficult and costlier.

With electric power steering, the water taxi boats are highly responsive same as the car on a road.

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