solar boat supplied to KAAV resort in Kabani

Solar cruise boat at Kabini River

KAAV Safari lodge, is a scenic wild camp resort in the very edge of the Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Karnataka. This resort also lies close to the Kerala border at Wayanad. The resort operates near the Kabini dam which provides the exotic picturesque impression of wildlife and nature together. The resort always compensates the eco-friendly preservation of the surroundings in which it operates. Tourists from every part of the globe visits and experience nature and wildlife as it is.

The idea of eco-friendly boating was a need more than a passion for proclaiming an eco-enthusiast badge to KAAV Management. Navgathi Marine, an experienced solar ferry manufacturer, grabbed this opportunity to deliver the eco-friendly boating experience to KAAV. The client selected the successful ten-passenger platform. Navgathi team surveyed the proposed route for boat operations and finalised the system sizing for optimising the project investment. The project took off in Navgathi shipyard at Panavally. The right material and construction methodology helped in accomplishing the task.

Lithium-based Energy storage system “CIPS” provides energy storage in the boat. CIPS is highly efficient, made using LFP batteries and meets international standards. It has a long lifespan and low maintenance. CIPS, together with the 6 kW electric propulsion unit, delivers high-end performance. The catamaran hull offers less resistance on the water, thereby optimising the power management and guarantees an efficient performance. Electric propulsion, coupled with Electric steering unit ECN 3600 developed by Navgathi ensures high manoeuvrability and control. It also makes the boat a hundred per cent clean.

The KAAV solar boat has long and oval seats with back support as per clients requirement of simplicity in interior and passenger utility. A mini-fridge with a premium storage cupboard adds to passenger comforts. Endurance is something our boats is always popular for, KAAV boat is no different.

As soon as the sun lights up the sky, the onboard CIPS get charged. Hence the boat is capable of running the whole day. In an extreme emergency, the onboard generate provides the backup power to CIPS. “Safer”, “reliable” are the words which best describes the watercraft.  The finished boat travelled almost 300 Kms on the road to its destination at KAAV resort.

Solar boat for Kaav resort at Kabani

Solar boat on its way to Kabini

KAAV resorts management and natives of Kabini were remarkably overwhelmed to accept their first solar boat. Navgathi team did the final inspection and trials before officially handing over to KAAV resort. The solar boat is becoming a centre of attraction of the resort for International tourists, who are quite impressed by green water transportation.

The perception of plying a solar electric boat for passenger transportation is still a distant plan for many hospitality institutions. In that regard, KAAV resort is a game-changer. No fuel and No pollution are considered the most significant advantage of solar electric boats. However, a better experience is an essential feature of these boats. The ride offers no sound, no vibration and no smell of fuel, of which enables the passengers to experience the wildlife without any distraction or disturbance.

Navgathi provides customisation as per owners choice.

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