Nirva water taxi boat developed by Navgathi

Nirva – A premium water taxi from Navgathi group

Besides the passenger ferry boats, Navgathi is now developing high-performance pleasure boats taking the advantage of leading-edge technology and experience in creating innovation. Our 10-passenger water taxi “Nirva” is a combination of high efficiency, top-level performance, and passenger comfort. Once operational Nirva will be one of the fastest boats operating in Kerala backwaters.

The elegant and unique passenger centered design makes Nirva different and highly noticeable.  Passenger cabin gives a full open view for the passengers, in a controlled and enclosed spacious cabin with comfortable seating. The vessel is carefully designed for easy handling, reduced crew workload, and most importantly maximizing fuel efficiency.

Over the past years, we have been focusing on adding innovative features to maximize your experience on the water. Nirva water taxi is designed integrating the latest technology and our newest innovations such as compact energy storage unit, electric steering unit, flexible solar panels which will increase both the performance and savings on investment.

Nirva water taxi is designed integrating an advanced electric steering code-named ECN 3600 ( Electronically Controlled Navigation) developed by our in-house R&D team increases both maneuverability and control at high speeds in full load. All auxiliary load will be powered by CIPS (compact energy storage management unit), a portable and clean power efficient energy storage unit developed by NavAlt, and flexible solar panels atop the boat. These features are added aiming to reduce the OPEX.

Nirva is engineered to attain high speeds up to 28 kph / 15 knots using the fuel-efficient Oxe diesel OBM (OutBoard Motor) together with the modern catamaran hull form. Robust design, low-Speed Control, and quick-shift capability lead to safe operation in adverse conditions. Tourists and regular commuters can enjoy the scenic beauty of pristine Kerala backwaters in a safer and comfortable passenger accommodation cabin.

The water taxi is designed to significantly enhance SWTD’s ability to cater to water-based tourism services. As the Nirva water taxi commences its operations next week, it will be the beginning of a new era in Kerala’s water transportation sector. We Navgathi will contribute to this revolution with the significant and continuous development of innovative boat technologies.

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