KAAV solar boat

SUN CRUIZE – Next generation affordable leisure solar electric boats designed for hospitality sector

Introducing Sun Cruize solar leisure boats which are both affordable and advanced by all means. A new series of solar boats specifically designed for the hospitality industry. A true remarkable watercraft to encourage a greener water transportation in this sector. The catamaran 7 metre length craft with passenger capacity of 12 is powered by 15 kW Lithium Battery bank designed by NavAlt code named as NavAlt CIPS (Compact Intelligent Power Supply). The power source is compact and programmed intelligent to meet the requirements for the propulsion of the boat. Efficient BMS (Battery management system) integrated within the CIPS manages the individual cell to yield maximum output from the power source.

2 kW Solar roof top panels will gather the sun’s energy and charges the Lithium Battery bank during the day time and NavAlt CIPS with its dynamic application also allows to gain power from the grid charging. The craft is propelled by a 6 kW Advanced electric OBM which can attain speeds upto 6.5 knots (12 km/h) with full passenger capacity onboard.

KAAV Safari Lodge, alongside Kabini river with their premium hospitality retreats will add-up with the introduction of environment friendly water transportation. The Suncruize will make its way to KAAV resorts soon . “We at KAAV believe and understand that sustainability is about managing our resources and would like to leave a legacy for future generations. Being a trendsetter in the hospitality domain, we continually educate our audience on the dire need to mitigate the effects of climate change by initiatives such as getting our guests to plant trees and thereby reduce our carbon footprint. The introduction of this solar boat is another step towards our goal of becoming a carbon neutral Wilderness Resort in keeping with our commitment of caring for the ecosystem that we showcase” – Sanjay Cherian, MD, KAAV Resorts

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