Operational cost of vessels is hiking? Try Catamarans!!!

If you are interested in reducing the operational cost of your fleet, then you start adding catamaran vessels to your fleet. An optimized catamaran hull form minimize the drag and the power requirement is subsequently reduced to 1/3rd of similar sized ferry. Let us learn in detail how a good catamaran hull will advantage you in your daily operations.

Stability: Catamarans are more stable than mono hull vessels. Stability comes from the wide beam length. catamaran hull allows it to feel pretty confident on the water and not to lurch during the voyage. Catamaran do not tend to heel over like mono hulls do.

Comfort: The spacious interior and the gliding motion of the boat offers a joyful ride for the passengers. Catamaran provides an exceptionally soft ride. Catamaran hull offer more usable deck space for passengers.

Efficiency: The hulls on a catamaran are thinner than mono hull and provide far less resistance travelling through the water. Catamaran accelerate smoothly with no hump and it is possible to travel at any speed while maintaining the fuel economy.

Shallow Draft: The catamaran hull design enables safe operation in shallow waters, where navigation in narrow channels is essential, and in rivers and estuaries.

Manoeuvrability: Powered by twin engines the catamaran hull forms are easy to manoeuvre. The boats can be easily handled in confined spaces like marinas.

Versatility: Catamarans are excellent choice for commercial and leisure boating. These hull forms are also suitable for patrol boat, safety and rescue vessels, water taxi and fishing boats.

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