Survival craft training simulator platform

Navgathi, a well-known marine design & construction company resides in the Indian maritime industry holding remarkable client satisfaction history. Extensive experience in projects like building floating jetties and other marine structures, Navgathi is now engaged in design & construction of a survival boat simulator platform for a leading overseas training institute.

The training institute is aiming to use the platform to facilitate training for lifeboat or survival craft operations. These platforms provide a simulated environment, where the crew can focus on the procedures that will increase safety when operating the real lifeboat equipment in an emergency. Cranes fixed on platform will be used for the launching and retrieving of life boats, which are normally used in seagoing vessels. Platform holds the cranes/davit to load the 12 Pax life boat.

Client approached us with a preliminary plan to build a floating jetty on river approximately 9 meters from the river bank. After the site visit & detail analysis of the requirement we suggested a land-based platform with a cantilever to hold the loading crane. Client approved the new design which was very cost effective and faster.

The platform is 10-meter-long and 5-meter-wide with a 2-meter cantilever extended to water, height of the platform from the water level is 3-meter. Platform is designed and constructed to simulate the real-life survival scenarios such as the preparation of survival craft, its launch and boarding.

Navgathi, with its talented pool of naval architects and engineers is engaged in innovative projects. The floating swimming pool designed and constructed for the floating resorts in Kumbalangi, Kerala, is considered an engineering marvel among floating structures.

As an Innovative integrator in the marine industry, Navgathi always engage in projects which redefines the limits of marine construction.

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Survival craft training simulator platform

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