Introduction of advanced Pneumo Tutor in CUSAT

Mac Pneumotutor is planned for hands on training on all aspects of pneumatics – science of compressed air. It is provided with facility to understand, apply and have trials on different sections of Pneumatics like

  • Generation of Compressed air
  • Storage of compressed air
  • Preparation of Compressed air for Industrial use
  • Transmission of compressed air to controlled elements
  • Control of pressure flow & direction through valves


These advanced products are result of extensive research combining Navgathi’s design strength and Mac N Hom’s integration strength.

Navgathi – Mac N Hom Systems have developed this training kit to impart technical learning in students. Learning by doing – helps engineering students understand the process of breaking down larger problems into smaller, more easily solved parts without losing the overall understanding of the complete system.

Mac – Pneumo Tutor is equipped with the same air compressor, control valves and elements that are used in the industry. Working on this system will give a simulated Industrial Experience. Navgathi – Mac N Hom System Training Kit is provided with circuit and control elements of high quality from world renowned industrial brands like Legris, Mercury, Danfoss, Legrand etc. Training Kits are provided in three versions a) Basic b) Professional c) Custom Built.


Biju N, Principal Investigator at Mechanical Engineering Department (CUSAT) said, “We realized the need for students to use an advanced tutor to get clear understanding of hydraulics and pneumatics. We chose Navgathi-Mac N Hom solution because of superior design, quality, and proven service trackrecord.”

About Navgathi

Navgathi is a company headquartered in Kochi, India and offices in South Korea and UAE with expertise in the field of shipbuilding industry. Navgathi works with the motto of Engineering Innovation & developed the solar ferries and solar boat India. Navgathi have also conducts training programs and interactive seminars to upgrade the skills of the resources in making low cost automation.

About Mac N Hom Systems

Established in 1995, Mac N Hom system has brought to market innovative products one after other to provide the high quality products and services for the engineering Industry. Mac N Hom systems offers customized solution and challenging applications quickly and cost effectively.

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