Without Batteries

[box] Introduction[/box]

Solar energy possible with other renewable energy can be used to power the requirements of home as well as office. This use of free power can not only improve the green credentials but also make economic sense as the cost of power is constantly increasing. There are different kinds of systems possible – some of which are outlined below.

[box] GRID-TIE[/box]

Single Phase

In this kind of installation the solar panels produce electrical energy and is fed to the grid tie inverter.  The output of this inverter is directly connected to the loads. This is a special type of inverter which can take the energy from the panels and only the remaining required energy is taken instantaneously from the grid connection.

These inverters have anti-islanding effect to protect the people working on the supply line which means that the solar energy will cut off when the grid supply is not there. To continue to have power even in grid failure we need to have battery back up system described below.

[box] Projects[/box]

Single Phase


Midnite Solar Charge Controller
Seaplane Pontoons