Backhoe Dredger (KSINC)

[box]Project Description[/box]

The 240 litres bucket capacity back hoe dredger was build for KSINC shipyard to maintain the depth in front of the slipway.

The below dredger was build for KSINC by our Construction Division.

This compact back hoe dredger to serve the entry level dredging requirements.

  • Back hoe dredger
  • Designed by Marine experts
  • Built with Marine grade materials and equipments
  • Suitable for dredging shallow and narrow water bodies

Main Particulars:

Length overall 16.6 m
Length on pontoon 7.5 m
Breadth of pontoon 3.5 m
Depth moulded 1.1 (1.5) m
Draft mid 0.7 m
Dredging depth 4.5 m
Air draught 3.2 m
Bucket capacity 240 l
Swivel angle 180 deg
Speed of vessel 5 knots
Spud length 5.5 m
Engine Kirloskar 4R1040
76 HP @ 2200 RPM
Fuel HSD


  • The Compact Dredger is designed to operate in shallow and narrow waters. All the controls are centrally located for ease of use.
  • The entire system is run on a centrally located hydraulic system with a pump driven by the engine.
  • The vessel is designed as per the requirements of IRS Classification Society.
  • Displacement of vessel – About 14 Tonnes

Unique Features:

  • Self-propulsion by paddle wheels
  • Two hydraulic operated spuds for better stability.
  • Spuds can be automatically retracted and stored horizontally on deck
  • Use of efficient paddle wheel propulsion considering the area of operation. Propellers in such areas tend to get stuck.
  • Marine grade steel, surface preparation, coating and equipments are used for longer life under the harsh operating conditions
  • Can be controlled by a single operator

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