Solar Ferries


Having realized the potential of solar boats for cruise purpose, it was only natural to extend the same to ferries and other vessels that needs much higher endurance and performance. To buttress our capability we have tied up with a leading solar ferry builder from Europe and have launched the various models outlined below.

A large proportion of electric power used for the boats is stored in huge battery bank, making it solar powered electric boats. In rainy or cloudy days, even if the sun do not provide any power, the battery bank, previously charged overnight can run the boat whole day. In addition a backup electric generator driven by petrol is optionally provided.

Boats Length
Breadth (m) Depth (m)
Draft (m)
Pax Capacity
Solar Power (W)
Motor (kW)
Speed (kn)
Sun 32 32 ft  /10 m 3.0 1.10 0.60 30 2,500 20 7
Sun 40 40 ft / 13.5 m 4.5 1.25 0.75 40 8,000 30 7
Sun 65
65 ft / 20 m 7.0 1.60 0.80 75 15,000 40 7
Sun 86 86 ft / 26 m 8.5 2.00 1.10 150 30,000 75 7

[box]Vessel List[/box]

1. Le Passeur in La Rochelle (Sun 32 with capacity of 30 Passengers)

It provides a shuttle service between the two sides of the old town harbour, where a 3 minutes trip allows a 45 minute walk to be saved. This small ferry has been such a success that a second unit has been launched in 2003 to face the increase of activity. Designed and build following an innovative approach, “Le Passeur” currently operates yearly, seven days a week, from early in the morning till late in the evening, and even at night during summer.
  • 3 minutes trip
  • Opening hours : from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Seven days a week
  • 200,000 passengers per year
CS01-Solar Fishing Boat
Solar Fishing Boats