SunCRZ 9

[box]4 Passenger Solar Boat[/box]

SunCRZ 9-trial2

Solar boats are completely eco-friendly being pollution free of air, water and noise. Navgathi has been designing and building solar boats since 2008. SunCRZ 9 is the smallest in our solar boat series of capacities ranging from 4 to 20 passengers (4, 10, 20). The larger ones come in the solar ferries segment. There are two different designs for the model – SX Premium version and QX High Quality version.

It is available in custom colours.


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  • Length of hull                     3.00 m
  • Length of boat                    3.60 m
  • Breadth of boat                  1.65 m
  • Breadth of demi-hull        0.60 m
  • Draft of boat                       0.30 m
  • Air draft                               1.30 m
  • Passenger Capacity            Four
  • Speed                                   4 / 5 knots
  • Rules                                    Kerala Inland Rules 2010
  • Range – On a sunny day the boat can cruise the whole day and on cloudy day around five hours.



Hull & Superstructure(FRP)

  • 2 layers CSM 450 Mat
  • 1 layer WRM 600
  • Isothalic marine grade resin
  • Kerox color pigment



  • Propulsion                           Electric OBM (Torqeedo/Flover)
  • Steering                                Manual
  • Speed Control                     Tiller
  • Solar Panels                        2 x 230 W (rigid) or 3 x 140 W (flexible)
  • Battery                                 150 Ah @ 12V (AGM) or 110 Ah @ 12V (Lithium)

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SunCRZ 9 SX Version
The premium version is designed with lovely curve on the top to give modern styling and aerodynamic shape. Solbian flexible mono-crystalline panels are placed on top of poly-carbonate glass along this curved surface. Various options for the SX version are listed out in the later section.

SunCRZ 9 QX Version
The high quality version has sharp lines on the top that blends with the boat design. Rigid poly-crystalline panels are placed on FRP deck head. Various options of QX version are listed out in the later section.

SunCRZ 9-trial3

Hull & Superstructure

SX Premium Quality QX High Quality
2 layer CSM 450 Mat
1 Layer WRM 600
2 layer CSM 450 Mat
1 Layer WRM 600
Isothalic marine grade resin  Isothalic marine grade resin
 Kerox color pigment   Kerox color pigment
 Stainless steel pipe   Stainless steel pipe


SX Premium Quality QX High Quality
Torqeedo Travel 503/1003 Flover 50T / 55TGS
GPS Optional
Magnetic Compass Magnetic Compass
Shore Charging Optional


The boat was flagged off by Sri. Babu, Minister of Fisheries and Shipping, Kerala Government during the Save Power 2013 expo at Le Meridian, Kochi (2-4 March).

SunCRZ9 launch in Kochi-1

The boat was launched in Goa Boat Show 2012 on 14th December and was much acclaimed by the visitors and media.


(i) Marine Insight – 17th Dec, 2012

(ii) Global Maritime – 18th Jan, 2012

(iii) The Solar India – 28th Dec, 2012

(iv) Renew Indians – 12th Jan, 2013

(v) Ecochunk – 20th Dec, 2012

(vi) Nautic Expo – 20th Dec, 2012

[box]Vessel List[/box]

1) Prototype

The second trial after completion was done on 14th Feb, 2013. Along with this the stability test to conform with the requirements of Kerala Inland Rules 2010 was also completed.

With Batterry
Launch of solar boat in Goa International Marine Boat Expo 2012