KOTA GAYA Splashes from HMD

KOTA GAYA, the first ship in the series of four 2800TEU class container carrier Ordered by Pacific International Lines (ship owner based in Singapore) sailed out from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Ulsan, S.Korea. Navgathi Marine is providing the new shipbuilding project management for Pacific International Lines and Navgathi’s professional team is in the site to manage the project.

The vessel is 222 meters long, 30 meters wide, & have 16.8 meter depth, 10.1 meter Design draught, 12.0 meter scantling draught powered by Hyundai-MAN B&W 8L70MC-C8.1 engines of Nominal rating 26,160 KW x 108.0 RPM.

Pacific International Lines (PIL) incorporated in Singapore is one of the largest ship-owners in Asia. PIL operates container liner services covering the whole of the Far East to Europe, Black Sea, Canada, and the Indian sub-continent, Red Sea/Gulf, East Africa, South/West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, East Coast of South America and West Coast of USA. PIL owns and operates a fleet of vessels & Marine containers. Pacific International Lines maintains a quality fleet of vessels through fleet renewal and expansion.

Navgathi Marine, a marine consultancy and manufacturing firm with offices in India, South Korea and UAE, assist ship owners in various stages new shipbuilding. Navgathi is experienced in handling prestigious projects like VLOO, VLOC, and Bulk Carriers etc in the Best shipyards in South Korea. Navgathi offers Concept Design of Ships, Shipyard Assessment, Contract Specification Analysis, Plan Approval, and Ship building Supervision as a part of the new shipbuilding project management.

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard acknowledged as one of the leading and most versatile Shipbuilders in the sector of the medium sized conventional ships and the specialized vessels. HMD has received recognition for its medium ranged product/chemical tankers and panamax container ships with optimized superior specifications and unchallenged quality gained by competent design staff and the highly qualified work force.

2800 TEU Container vessels at HMD