WESTERN BOHEME, third ship in the series of six hand-max bulk carriers (37,000 DWT) ordered by Western Group (ship owner based in Cyprus) sailed out from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Ulsan, S.Korea on 8th August, 2012. Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is providing the new building supervision for Western Group and a nine member professional team is in the site to manage the project.

Vessel is 187 meters long, 28.6 meters wide, 10.4 meters draught, having 49,300 cubic feet in cargo capacity, powered by Hyundai Man B&W 6S46MC-C8 main engines of 7700 KW power at 120 rpm. The vessel has five cargo holds and a service speed of 14.3 knots.

This is a special vessel which has completed all pre-installation for ballast water treatment plant. As soon as the ratification takes place the vessel can be upgraded to meet the requirements.

Western Group is one among the major crude oil traders and has large fleet of product tankers invested for the former activity. Western Group is adding six new Handymax bulk carriers of 37,000 DWT to its large fleet which are currently being built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea for delivery between April 2012 and May 2013.

Navgathi, a marine consultancy and manufacturing firm with offices in India, South Korea and UAE, assist ship owners in various stages new shipbuilding. Navgathi is experienced in handling prestigious projects like VLOO, VLOC, and Bulk Carriers etc in the Best shipyards in South Korea. Navgathi offers Concept Design of Ships, Shipyard Assessment, Contract Specification Analysis, Plan Approval, and Ship building Supervision as a part of the new shipbuilding project management. Navgathi offers the services like Designing, Ship repair & Pre purchase Inspections, Ship Broking, strategy consultancy etc other than New Building Supervision.

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard acknowledged as one of the leading and most versatile Shipbuilders in the sector of the medium sized conventional ships and the specialized vessels. HMD has received recognition for its medium ranged product/chemical tankers and panamax container ships with optimized superior specifications and unchallenged quality gained by competent design staff and the highly qualified work force.

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