Pedal Boat

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Pedal boats are a common feature in boat clubs and there as innumerable fiber boat yards that manufacture these boats. However, what differentiates our products from this standard designs and offerings is extreme care taken in the design stage to ensure that the product is functional, user friendly and beautiful. The result is a product that is completely different in the offerings compared to the standard boat.

Almost always the biggest complaint in four passenger pedal boats is the inconvenience of only two persons pedaling at a time. Moreover the process is difficult because of lack of bearings and bushes in the shafting system. Our unique boat has two pedal shafts and two paddle wheel ensuring that all the four people can pedal simultaneously and enjoy the ride. High quality bearings in the shaft ensure that the ride is smooth.


Four Pax Pedal Boat
  • Length – 3.0 m
  • Breadth – 2.0 m
  • Depth – 0.6 m
  • Draft – 0.3 m
  • Capacity – Four Adults + One infant
  • Propulsion – Manual, pedal by foot
  • No. of pedal shafts – two independent, one in aft and and one fwd
  • Rules – Kerala Inland Rules 2010
  • Paddle Wheel – Stainless steel
  • Pedal shaft – Stainless steel
  • Structure – FRP Marine grade
  • Movement – SKF and bush assisted

PedCRZ 9-testing2

GRP – Comparison with Competitor

QX High Quality Version Competitors
3 layers CSM 450 Mat, 1 layer WRM 600 Usually only 3 layers in total
Isothalic marine grade resin General purpose resin
Kerox color pigment No pigment, only painting

Machinery – Comparison with Competition

QX High Quality Version Competitors
SKF bearing No bearings
Stainless steel pedal shaft and paddle system Mix of stainless steel and mild steel
Nylon bush Metal bushes or none at all


[box]Vessel List[/box]

DTPC Wayanad Ten QX High Quality Pedal Boats were supplied to Pookode lake
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