Shuttle Cycle

Converts a bicycle into a water-bike within 10 minutes, enabling off-road trekking without water-barriers. Allow a bicyclist the opportunity to ride across water as well as on land. Leisure and exercise roles.  You can convert the bike to shuttle bike without any complications.

Shuttle Bike is a product of SBK Kit, Italy

  • The kit can be assembled in less that 10 minutes without using any tools (this includes the inflation time, making use small air pump provided to fit onto the propeller drive shaft).
  • All the gears on the bike can be used
  • Assembly and dismantling are a simple series of operations
  • Disarming takes less Than 1 minute.
  • Stable and safe even in strong waves and currents.
  • The Shuttle bike ® can be mounted from the water easily, after taking a swim.
  • Back-pack dimensions: 33x24x57(h)cm
  • Back-pack weight 12.7 Kg
  • Assembled dimensions: 300x 130 cm
  • Maximum load 120 Kg
  • Front mounted propeller for greatest manoeuvrability
  • The propeller drive has a quick a quick actions clutch and pivots freely for use in shallow waters.
  • Cruising speed: 3.5 knots (6 km/h)
  • Maximum speed: 5.5 knots ( about 10 km/h)
  • The Shuttle bike kit ® can against the current and waters of varying depth.
  • Attachment clamps fit most typical mountain bike frames and are designed to prevent damage to paintwork.
  • Bike attachment frame – stainless steel; bearing – aluminium alloy: propeller assembly and parts in engineering polymer.
  • All transmission parts in engineering for minimal attention and long-life lubrication.

[box]How it Works[/box]

SHUTTLE-BIKE kit ® is made of a set of “fixed” clamps universally adaptable to the different bikes on the market with circular section frame. Permanently fastened on the frame, they do not hinder the use of the mountain-bike on the road. These universal clamps come with a series of plastic bushes that, other to prevent damages on the frame paint, adapt to any diameter.

These clamps are designed to be quickly fastened on the SHUTTLE-BIKE® frame without using any spanner or tool.

It must be stressed that the SHUTTLE-BIKE® can be assembled in about 10 minutes, being its technique extremely streamlined.

The floats can be blown up by means of a small pump especially designed and patented for the SHUTTLE-BIKE®. This pump will allow you to inflate the floats by pedalling on the spot, since the bike, thanks to the kit frame, is lifted a few centimetres from the ground.

The equipment is made af a set of assembling quick clutch elements that form a floating structure to which the bike is anchored. It then becomes a floating vehicle having an excellent manoeuvrability even in wave or stream conditions.

The propelling device movement is produced by a roller that adheres to rear wheel.
From there the movement is conveyed, by means of a wire, to the propeller placed beneath the front wheel. Such a propelling drive allows an excellent manoeuvrability through the steering action. Then by turning the handlebar 90°, you can rotate the Shuttle-bike on its axis and reverse direction.

Given the roller position that adheres to the rear tyre, it is moreover possible to exploit the different bikes’ speeds of the gear box according to one’s own abilities and the type of path chosen.


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