Navgathi in Shipbuilding Tribune

Shipbuilding Tribune– 23rd Jul, 2012

The coverage of the our new shipbuilding project by the shipping magazine.

Navgathi new project in the first page of the magazine

The complete article is reproduced below:

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2012

Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions pvt. Ltd has won a major deal on New shipbuilding supervision with a leading International container liner. Navgathi recently announced the big deal won New shipbuilding project management of eight container ships commencing construction in S.Korea.

“Four of them are 2800 TEU Container vessels at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, S.Korea and four (4) of them are 3600 TEU Container vessels at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, S.Korea. These two yards are part of Hyundai Heavy Industries, the worlds largest shipbuilding group. The projects are for over a year and the first batch of our team is scheduled to join the site this month”, High officials of Navgathi Marine Design said.

Navgathi Marine Design has good experience in handling the some prestigious projects like VLOO, Bulk carriers, VLOC etc in best Shipyards in South Korea. The company offers Concept Design of Ships, Shipyard Assessment, Contract Specification Analysis, Plan Approval, Ship building Supervision as a part of the New shipbuilding project management.

Highlights of Navgathi Ship Building Supervision are wide range of combinations of Site Team, Choice based on experience, background, educational qualifications and nationality Customized site team according to Client requirements, Client’s pre-approval of team members.




Navgathi won a major deal with leading container liner
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