Navgathi make waves in Pookode lake

Navgathi launches two unique products in the Pookode lake Рinaugurated by the honorable  Minsister of Tourism, Sri. Anil Kumar.

The first one is a water tricycle – a not so common means of pedaling on water. There are very few places where this product is available. Sri. Anil Kumar also took a ride in the water tricycle and commented that it is very easy to ride on it.

The second product is unique – first time in Kerala – called as Aqua Zorb. Here a 2 m diameter, transparent ball made of PVC, has an opening with a special Ti-zip to prevent air leakage and water entry, is used by a person (child under 60 kg) to walk on water. This is an instant crowd puller and it was proved whenever we had someone inside.

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