Dredger launching

It was a momentous occasion for Team Navgathi with the successful launching of the first dredger in the two vessel project for Irrigation Department, Kerala State. The dredgers were contracted to KSINC for construction and the work was done by APM Marine. Navgathi did the complete design of the dredger right from basic design to production design and also provided technical support during construction.

Navgathi developed the design after an extensive market survey on the type of vessels in the kerala waters and the operational issues associated with them. We could also build up on the past experience of designing a smaller cutter suction dredger for APM Marine. Geroge Mathew, from APM Marine, the key person responsible for this successful project completion, brought extensive operation experience in floating and fixed structures in Kerala waters.

The second vessel is getting ready to launch and in a couple of months these would be delivered to the client after all necessary tests and trials.

37K BC Project at HMD (NB)
Cutter Suction Dredger for Irrigation Department

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