Backhoe Dredgers

[box]Product Description[/box]

A compact back hoe dredger to serve the entry level dredging requirements.

  • Back hoe dredger
  • Designed by Marine experts
  • Built with Marine grade materials and equipments
  • Suitable for dredging shallow and narrow water bodies

[box]CD240 Backhoe Dredgers[/box]

Main Particulars

Length overall 16.6 m
Length on pontoon 7.5 m
Breadth of pontoon 3.5 m
Depth moulded 1.1 (1.5) m
Draft mid 0.7 m
Dredging depth 4.5 m
Air draught 3.2 m
Bucket capacity 240 l
Swivel angle 180 deg
Speed of vessel 5 knots
Spud length 5.5 m
Engine Kirloskar 4R1040
76 HP @ 2200 RPM
Fuel HSD


  • The Compact Dredger is designed to operate in shallow and narrow waters. All the controls are centrally located for ease of use.
  • The entire system is run on a centrally located hydraulic system with a pump driven by the engine.
  • The vessel is designed as per the requirements of IRS Classification Society.
  • Displacement of vessel – About 14 Tonnes

Unique Features:

  • Self-propulsion by paddle wheels
  • Two hydraulic operated spuds for better stability.
  • Spuds can be automatically retracted and stored horizontally on deck
  • Use of efficient paddle wheel propulsion considering the area of operation. Propellers in such areas tend to get stuck.
  • Marine grade steel, surface preparation, coating and equipments are used for longer life under the harsh operating conditions
  • Can be controlled by a single operator

[box]Vessel List[/box]

The above dredger was build for KSINC by our Construction Division.

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