What is VMAP?

VMAP is an experimental modal analysis and FEA-Test correlation software developed by TechPassion.

VMAP represents the convergence of virtual prototyping and prototype testing. There are several parameters that cannot be modeled accurately in existing virtual prototyping tools and are dependent on experimental methods.

VMAP bridges this gap between virtual prototyping and experimentation in product design cycle especially in the development of automotive, aerospace and energy systems. The system significantly improves productivity of product design teams by not only cutting costs and development time but also intangibles associated with inaccuracies in design.

VMAP is a versatile software platform powered by accurate and efficient algorithms, friendly user-interfaces, rich and fast graphics and supports industry-standard file formats.

VMAP is used in various design stages as a design, diagnosis and manufacturing quality assurance tool. As a platform, it powers applications in several industries. There are customized tools built on VMAP to meet the increasing demand for VMAP in different industries -automotive, aerospace, energy, civil engineering, marine, off-shore structures.


The key features in the latest version of VMAP include

  • Data Acquisition and Signal generation for Experimental Modal Analysis (SISO to MIMO)
  • Curve fitting algorithms with automation
  • Test-FEA Correlation and Model Updating Solvers
  • Interoperability with FEA software (NASTRAN, SIMULIA, ANSYS, RADIOSS)
  • Compatible with Laser Vibrometers (non-contact measurements, MEMS, hot surfaces)
  • Programming Interface with Scilab (text-based and graphical)
  • Complete set of damping models (material damping to multi-mode damping) for realistic dynamic simulations
  • Various File Format (UFF, STL, etc ) Import and export engines

Over the years, VMAP has been used in different contexts in very innovative ways. Some of them are :

  • Comparison of finite element and experimental vibration response
  • Measurement of damping in composite panels
  • Detection of defects in bolts in an assembly line
  • Identification of shaft imbalances in machine tools.


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