Solar Boats

[box] Solar Boats[/box]

A solar powered boat is a synthesis of naval architecture and solar power engineering. A high degree of hull optimization balanced by strength, stability and sea (water) worthiness is necessary to successfully engineer a boat that can run in minimum power at normal speeds. In combination the solar power system has to designed as an integral part of the boat ensuring use of high quality, high efficient system.

Navgathi has successfully demonstrated this by creating a prototype of ten (10) passenger solar boat and achieved speed which eluded most of the previous attempts by many boat builders. Buoyed by the success of these cruise boats we have launched a series of designs for passenger capacity ranging from four (4) to forty (40); some of the basic details are give below.


Boats Length
Pax Capacity
Solar Power (W)
Motor (W)
Battery (Wh)
Boat Cost
SunCRZ 9 9 ft / 3.0 m 4 500 500 1,560 4-6 lakhs*
SunCRZ 15
15 ft / 4.5 m 6 750 2,000 4,800 9-12 lakhs*
SunCRZ 22
22 ft / 6.5 m 10 1,250 4,000 14,400 18-25 lakhs*
SunCRZ 32
32 ft / 10 m 20 2,500 8,000 19,200 30-40 lakhs*

All the boats are fully solar powered and 100% green. All the above boats can be made as an electric boat without the solar panels, i.e., it can be charged from AC power.

A rendered image of 10 pax, SunCRZ 22 SX solar cruise boat

[box] Vessel List[/box]

1) Prototype of SunCRZ9 (4 Pax Solar Boat)

The prototype of the boat was launched and tested in Periyar river.


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2) Prototype of SunCRZ 22 (SunRider, 10 Pax Solar Boat)

In September 2008, Navgathi and TeamSustain joined hands to build a series of Solar powered boats there are fast, sleek, cost effective and functional. It was a perfect match between the two companies as each of our strengths were complementary.

Navgath is specialized in marine design and construction of boats and ships where as TeamSustain in alternate energy. Navgathi took charge of developing the design and manufacturing the boat whereas TeamSustain of engineering the solar energy collection, storage and utilization in the boat.

Client: Coconut Lagoon

Vessel: 10 Passenger Solar boat

Year of Built: 2010

Scope: Joint design & construction with TeamSustain

Summary: The boat is currently with Coconut Lagoon, plying heir guests across the beautiful Kumarakom backwaters.

Media: This boat was acclaimed by media and industry alike. Some of the coverage are listed below:

  1. DARE magazine has showcased this product as an innovation in their May 2009 issue. The magazine page can be accessed here (
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Malcom Moss on our solar boat