Life @ Navgathi

Whatever be the role at Navgathi, you can be sure that you are in the race to reduce carbon emissions and thereby improving the life of millions. From design & construction of eco friendly watercrafts we are offering a green tomorrow, a better place to live.

“Innovation, Initiative, Team work” is the employment philosophy and success mantra of Navgathi. At Navgathi every employees get an opportunity to learn the spirit of collaboration, and how to drive their potential towards productivity.

Focusing more on research oriented projects we offer our team challenging opportunities to innovate, expand knowledge and grow in their professional career. We know that to attain the personal goals our team has to realize their full potential, so we encourage leadership at all levels, empowering our employees to take initiatives.

At Navgathi we value consistency and fairness. Career growth & financial compensation are entirely based on responsibility and performance. It also has a strong culture of communication through active leadership spearheaded by the managing director. Any issues relating to the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed through open houses, forums and structured team briefs with senior management.

Company believes in nurturing young talents with learning opportunities. Whether you want to improve your basic skills or work on your business English, you will find it at Navgathi. To support our team on each stage of their career we offer them several learning opportunities through technical and personal development programs, managerial development program etc..

Navgathi is increasingly focusing on weaving in a fun element in to our busy work schedule. We motivate our employees to be a part of the different team sports activities. This activities are promoted as to improve the team work & confidence of employee, It also helps them to understand the importance of loyalty to their teammates.

Life @ Navgathi
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